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The Top 10 Moments from Real Housewives - As decided by Me!

Miss Corona may have got everybody looked up in their home at the minute – which gives us the perfect excuse to get our pj’s on and binge watch everybody's favourite reality TV show; The Real Housewives.

Miss Corona may have got everybody looked up in their home at the minute – which gives us the perfect excuse to get our pj’s on and binge watch everybody favourite reality TV show; The Real Housewives. ve myself some Lisa Rinna!

I adore the housewives. For me, it’s pure escapism television, which after a long day at work is the perfect tonic. There are moments for me that have infiltrated into my real-life persona and I often find myself yelling; “CLIP! CLIP!’ across a bottomless brunch table when someone start attacking my life choices.

I wanted to give you a list of some of my favourite’s moments across the franchises. There are so many I wanted to include, and so many great moments I couldn’t include in this list. So here we go. It’s time to make it nice.

10. The WHOLE Luann and Tom affair at the Regency.

When Countess Luann got engaged to serial dater Tom Diagastino back in 2016, it was obvious from the start that this was going to end in DISASTER. Already Tom had kissed Ramona Singer, slept with Sonja Morgan. Throughout the season rumours began to surface of Tom’s infidelity at the Regency, however Luann was having none of it. Married in December 2016, they eventually divorced in August 2017, after less than a year of marriage. It gave us amazing moments of Television including Bethenny’s extreme reaction at revealing information to Luann whilst on vacation. It also led to Luann’s eventual arrest for assaulting a police officer.

9. Theresa Flips the Table.

“PROSTITUTION WHORE!”. Theresa Giudice may be a little more zen nowadays, but she was once a ticking time-bomb that could potentially explode at any moment. A New Jersey dinner party rarely goes to plan, however, this one went left pretty quickly. Following months of feuding between Danielle and Theresa, she finally flipped and literally flipped that table. Giving us one of the greatest moments in housewives history.

8. Kim Richards in Amsterdam

The first of two entries for Kim Richards in this top ten. Kim was difficult to watch during her time on the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills, following years of substance abuse, and arguments with her sister Kyle. Kim met her match when Lisa Rinna joined the show back in 2014. Rinna was the queen of accountability and always made sure her cast mates owned their bad behaviour. However, a dinner in Amsterdam went sideways pretty quickly, when Richards insinuated that Rinna’s husband Harry Hamilin had been unfaithful to Rinna. Lisa’s back was up, and there was a thrown wineglass before anyone could utter the word Munchausen. Rinna and Richards would give the franchise some of its finest moments throughout the years, and another of their epic feuds makes an appearance later on.

7. Aviva and the Last Leg

In Aviva Drescher’s two season stint on The Real Housewives of New York City she brought the DRAMA. Accusing Carole Radziwell of hiring a ghost writer, causing arguments with literally everyone. Her crowing moment came at a fancy party organised by Sonja Morgan where Heather Holla Thompson finally lost and laid into Aviva for her bad behaviour. Following being called out for her toxic behaviour, Dresher finally snapped. During the outburst, she pulled out a Chest X-Ray, claims that she had been lied to by her doctor about having Asthma, and in a final blaze of glory, she screamed across the table that the only thing that was fake about her was her prosthetic leg, which she proceeded to slam on the table in a fit of rage. What an absolute MOMENT. It came from nowhere and made an incredible moment for the New York Ladies.

6. The Mini-Bus Fight in Ireland

The ladies of O.C love to take a trip overseas, however a trip to Ireland went south Kelly Dodd literally exploded during the journey back to the airport in the minibus. The following argument was both shocking and entertaining as Kelly Dodd finally snapped after being the odd one out for the whole trip. Even Pretentious Pants herself, Heather Dubrow got involved with this almost physical altercation.

5. Sheree Vs. The Party Planner

Note to self. Never hire a Party Planner that can out sass you. When Sheree Whitfield’s Atlanta party wasn’t going to plan, a conversation with her party planner went sideways pretty quickly. Whitfield’s; “who gon check me boo?” became a cultural reset. We could only stan from there on in.

4. The Dinner Party from Hell

It may well be all Diamonds and Rose for the dazzling ladies of Beverley Hills, but when pernicious Camille Grammer hosted a dinner party for the ladies in Season 1, this dinner party went sideways very quickly. Grammer had invited “physic” Alison Dubois as the guest of honour, however when Dubois took a rather instant disliking to Kyle and the morally corrupt Faye Resnick the dinner ended up going down in housewives history as one of the most volatile. Brilliant television – we knew from that moment that the ladies of Beverley Hills would be delivering some of the greatest moments in pop-culture history.

3. Lisa Rinna, Kim Richards and the Bunny

When Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards got back into their feud a couple of years ago in Beverley Hills, the ladies gave us one of the GREATEST reunion moments in history. Kim made an appearance at the Season 7 reunion and brought back the Bunny that Rinna had gifted to Richards’ grandson earlier that year. Rinna’s BFF Eileen Davidson wasn’t amused by the moment stating that Richards should’ve just sent it back in the mail; not give it back at the Reunion. When the ladies of Beverley Hills serve, they serve. Rinna gave the performance of her life with a single teardrop rolling from her eyes. LEGENDS!

2. The Boat Road from Hell

When the Ladies of New York City go on their cast trips, they go large. When Tinsley Mortimer suggested a trip to Cartagena in Columbia, an innocent boat ride turns into the ride from hell after a day at the private island. Moments include; Sonja pissing on Tinsley’s swimsuit. Ramona crying uncontrollably; Dorinda being slightly drunk and trying to unpack the events of the trip with Bethenny whilst the boat is starting to produce smoke. Was this the Titanic? No – but it was fucking funny!

1. The WHOLE Kelly Bensimon Fiasco

Kudos to the producer that found Kelly Bensimon; send the guy a fruit basket! Kelly joined the Housewives of New York for the second season of the show and fast became brilliantly entertaining T.V. Her two-year tenure on the show resulted in the one of the most infamous moments in Housewives History known to fans around the world as Scary Island. For two episodes whilst on the cast trip to St Johns in the Virgin Islands to celebrate Ramon’s vow renewal, the views watched Bensimon seemingly unravel before our very eyes. She’d previously had a couple of run ins with Bethenny, and we all know how they normally end up. However, she somehow got it into her head that that Frankel was out to kill her. For the full experience, you need to watch the entire episode to get some context. Kelly Bensimon – we applaud you!

The ladies of the Real Housewives have given us moment after moment for the last 15 years, and with the way things are going, they are showing no signs of stopping. The Real Housewives of New York have just kicked off their twelve season with new wife Leah McSweeney, and the ladies of Beverley Hills are about start their tenth season, and first season without O.G Lisa Vanderpump.

Putting together this list has been really hard work – there are so many moments that I wanted to mention – the showdown at Vila Rosa with LVP and Kyle Richards, the many arguments in the Berkshires from New York – SO MANY ICONIC MOMENTS!

So, on a final note – to the Ladies of the world who have unashamedly shown us their lives – take a bow, make it nice, and thank you!

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