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Lockdown #3 - Here we go again!

It’s official. I’ve now been in more lockdowns than I’ve had relationships. Lockdown 3 is upon us and like the second Sex and the City nobody really cares for it? do they? I mean, it did give us the incredible Liza Minnelli performing Single Ladies, but that’s about as far as it went didn’t it?

I’m not going to sit here and start bashing the government because I did think it was needed, THREE WEEKS AGO! However, from reviewing the guidance it does feel like they’ve rehashed the November information, added the closure of schools and just stuck todays date on it.

Now I’m not saying that the government have been half-arsed yet again, actually. Yes, I am. My distain for this government is well known if you follow my twitter @Northern_Homo. I mean they’ve ballsed everything up so far during this pandemic. They locked down far too late in the first place, opened up far too quickly. Test and Trace, well, where do you start on this one? And I’ve had enough tiers to last me for a lifetime – I swear that Donna Summer must be turning in her grave, and Babs should’ve really trademarked “tiers” so she could earn herself a few more bucks – and before some right wing, tory loving, keyboard warrior goes after me, I am fully aware that you cannot just trademark a word.

I actually developed a rather intense connection to an old Liza Minnelli song that I didn’t know existed over the start of the year. “The Day after That” has become quite poignant to me. The “Kiss of the Spiderwoman” ballad written by Kander and Ebb really is a song about hope, which I really think we all need. Someday we will be rid of this.

2021 was going pretty well, I’d finally found my perfect apartment in Leeds, which I’m hoping to move into in February. I’d been chatting to quite a nice guy on Grindr, but then got ghosted when I refused to send a dick pic. You know, the usual.

I am determined to not let the next 7 weeks ruin me though. I will get through the other side. I am determined to bring some positivity to it. I mean, we’ve got another few weekends of The Masked Singer to go. RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is back on our screens, and we’re just a month off another edition of Melodifestivalen – I.E – my favourite time of the year. As a massive music fan, I love nothing more than listening to 28 brand new songs and discovering a plethora of incredible new artists.

I was thinking about it actually this afternoon what do I want to achieve, and we’ll, I’m writing this book as I’m sure you very well aware of, so I’m going to carry on with that. I thought as well that I might branch out and start working on a play that I’ve had going around my head for a few months. I’ve done a bit of playwriting before. I wrote a piece at University which was supposed to performed for an assessment, but alas, that didn’t work out.

About five years ago, I wrote a musical based on the music of Kylie Minogue called “Impossible Princess”, which I revisited a few months ago. I’m very self-critical of my writing and if I don’t like it then I just get rid of it. But - there are some good moments in “Impossible Princess”, which could actually turn out OK on stage. There are some horrendous bits in it. Incredibly clunky dialogue. Scenes that I think I lifted out of Russell T Davies’ Cucumber and just changed a few words off. It was written before DISCO and Golden, so there’s scope for some new musical numbers, so who knows maybe I will revisit that again over the next few weeks.

I guess, I’d better get that sourdough starter going again. That’ll keep me busy on a weekend. Maybe I’ll finally start an OnlyFans? I might even re-download “Couch to 5K” and give that a crack again? Who knows?

I’ll probably start writing a lot more as well, so please keep checking back on for some more articles. It’s going to be a really hard few weeks for everybody, I have no doubt of that, so be kind to each other. It’s okay to say your struggling. It’s okay to ask for help if you need it. There is always support out there. My DM’s are always open if you are struggling and need to talk to someone.

Finally, just a quick one – “Is this a good time to talk about Scottish country dancing?”

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