• Al Jennings

#HowsYourHead, Hun

I don’t know quite where to start with this. Maybe, I’ll start with two words – Michelle. Visage. Michelle. Fucking. Visage. – Yes, I realise, that is in-fact, three words.

The true Queen of RuPaul’s Drag Race, R&B Star, should’ve been Strictly Winner, and LGBTQ+ activist – I genuinely forget that she’s American. She’s basically an honouree Brit, right? A self-confessed anglophone, her recent foray into British TV comes in the form of a hilarious and quite self-deprecating look at how she and her family are quarantining during the current pandemic. In a turn up for the books, Michelle has thrown open the doors to her family home and into her head. That head happens to have, like the rest of us, more roots than Kunta Kinte – Michelle! WE HEAR YOU!

The weekly BBC 3 online series premiered for the first time today and it featured Jade from Little Mix, everybody’s favourite TV Doctor – Dr Ranj and she’s got the all-important hair dying tips and advice from Susannah Constantine. I know how you feel – I thought it was a good idea to bleach my hair and I’ve ended up looking like Boris Johnson's love child. Although, which one I don’t know. I couldn’t possibly comment.

One thing that I keep coming back throughout this programme is her INCREDIBLE collection of frames. Where does one find these? They are spectacular and I adore them. You don’t get those in Specsavers. I know, I asked Dominic Cummings to check for me when he nipped out to Barnard Castle back in April. There is a frame for every occasion.

This thirty-minute look into the world behind the Queen of the Runway is an unprecedented look into her life during quarantine, and it is welcome! For once, it’s great to see the behind the scenes, unfiltered lives of others that happen to be in the same situation as us, and how they’re lives are not all that different to ours at this time. It is escapism television at its finest, and this is what we need during this time. This maybe my 30 minutes a week where I do something for myself to make me feel better – because as Michelle says; we all should do something every week to make us feel better, no matter how big, or how small.

Michelle. Fucking. Visage. We salute you!


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